After School Art Classes via Cape Elizabeth Community Services, Winter 2020

These are the most recent drawings and paintings by my 2nd-4th grade students. I just asked them to experiment with lines and various shapes. Complementary colors, in colored pencils, pastels, markers, and tempera paint, were used to magnify their work. Each one is so unique--reflective of their own interpretation of a given topic.  

Art Process, Feb., 2019

As my first blog entry I wanted to include artwork from my youth after school art classes at 

Cape Elizabeth Community Services. Each child's drawing or painting is a "fingerprint" on the world, a symbol of their artistic spirit. I am always inspired by the timeless beauty and innocence, the simplicity, the sheer weight of forms, colors, that speak volumes.......this posting is for them and my gratitude to partake in their process, the honor to learn from them.

The first set of drawings were made with ink and twigs.......the authenticity, the energy, are revealed in something of wonder.

The second set are paintings.