As a landscape painter, I am always developing a greater awareness and connection to the natural environment. My objective in painting is to reflect the beauty of nature by capturing light in various states, whether by the ocean, along a wooded trail, or from a mountain top. Through the creative process, new ways of expressing the energy, the essence, and unique character of a place is revealed, allowing it to breathe with new life.

I am especially inspired by American Tonalism, the paintings of Turner, Daubigny, and Monet. Each painting is conceived in the moment, loosely based on my plein air studies and the memory or feeling of a particular place. There is a great joy in the act of creating as I feel that nature has been reborn through me. I am often drawn to that place along the horizon line where land and sky appear to become one, where it can be difficult to discern between morning and evening, beginning and end.

I want others to experience the same enthusiasm for nature through my paintings, the magical way that light plays upon the landscape that invokes a particular feeling. Perhaps a childhood memory will arise or a melody will be heard, inviting you to play along. Ultimately, I hope that my work brings about a sense of peace and wellbeing.

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